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Meditation and Three-year Olds

Three year old’s can’t sit still. Not unless you duct tape them to something which no one should ever do.  But neither should we attempt to make them sit still in the first place.  We are embarking on a path as a family to incorporate meditation into our daily routine.  We have the right music, comfortable pillows, mantra’s, and the desire, but inevitably we end up with two dogs chasing each other around a circle of pillows that our three-year old is energetically jumping on.

I am sure that one day we will be surprised by him being able to sit quietly with us but until then I am not sure how much inner peace we will get in this process.  We could wait until he is asleep but most parents understand that when a toddler sleeps you need to take advantage of that time with some sleep of your own.  Besides, he is learning that every day should include some time for inner reflection.  Maybe our example will develop into a more calm child who learns to handle stress in a more productive way.

But back to my point, three-year old’s (typically) can’t sit still.  I have been wracking my brain for a right way to stop my son from being in a constant state of motion when it suddenly came to me; why should I?  I should just let him be 3 and be grateful for the 30 seconds where he actually crosses his legs and breathes with me.  So we have decided to let him be a kid.  We will make sure that the movement never ends in pain or disaster and enjoy his youthful exuberance and energy.  After all you are only 3 once.

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