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Other People’s Business

I have recently sworn off reality television.  After years of tuning into Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor, Flavor of Love, Amazing Race, and most infamously Basketball Wives and Love and Hip Hop….I quit.  I am not professing to be some newly changed individual who feels that the shows appeal to our base nature.  Not at all. In fact, I miss them.  I find myself tempted to type “VH1” in google search, just to see the bonus clips or even better a full episode.  I have filled my DVR with motivational documentaries and tons of inspirational OWN programming in my attempt to wean myself from these shows I have become obsessed with.

So, no,  I don’t have any lofty reasons for giving up reality television.  I only have one…their lives are none of my business. I really don’t have any stake in what happens between Jen and Evelyn.  I won’t win any prize money like the winners of Survivor or Amazing Race.   Most of all, I can’t won’t get any street cred for picking a side in the Team Chrissy vs. Yandy war.   But you know, I was acting like I did.  I would find myself cooking dinner and wondering if Chrissy would ever really get married.  What!!  Really?!!  Instead of thinking about what cake to make my son for his birthday, or better yet how I could find a way to put vegetables in the cake since he won’t eat them in their normal state; I am actually thinking about someone I don’t know and will never meet.

This did it for me.  I realized in that moment that I have other people’s business to attend to, my own.  I have a ridiculous amount of reality right  here in my life.  I have a sister who just got married, a Mom who finally started to live her own life without constantly making sure we are okay, a husband who just got the job he always wanted and worked like hell for, a son who manages to say something utterly amazing every day, and a puppy who is so small I lose her at least 15 times a day.  I am taking back all of those hours of reality TV and deciding to live my own.  Stay tuned.

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